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Have a successful, stress-free sale with our complete auction services. From posting and advertising to actual sale, our auction house has you covered.

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Full-Service Auction on the Go

McSherry Auction Service Ltd. in Stonewall, MB provides comprehensive on-site and off-site auction services to residents of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. We host more than 100 auctions every year!

We specialize in auctioning farm equipment, guns, construction supplies, and antiques. However, after being part of more than 10,000 auctions, we have appraised and sold just about everything.

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About Our Auctioneer

Stuart McSherry has been in the auction business for more than 26 years. He is a graduate of the Auctioneering School of Canada, and a long-standing member of the Manitoba Auctioneer's Association.

The McSherry Advantage

  • Mobile Auction Equipment
  • Online Bidding
  • Computerized Auction Software
  • Extensive Mail-Out List
  • Protected by Commercial Insurance
  • Proxy Bidding
  • Secure Payment Methods
  • Convenient Hauling and Loading Solutions
  • Nationwide Advertising
  • Over 5000 auctions experience

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4 Ways to Have an Auction

  1. Have a full sale on your site, which is the most common way of holding an auction.
  2. Have old a complete auction on your site, bringing in consigned items that compliment your sale.
  3. Have your items hauled to another venue, combining with other item(s) or being included in our regular consignment sale.
  4. Bring your items to our site, which is located at #12 Patterson Drive in Stonewall, MB. If you have no way of getting them there, contact Stuart at 204-886-7027 to have your items brought to our location.

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Auction Setup

The setup of any sale is very important. Our auction team takes this task seriously. The better the impression, the better the prices you can get for your items. Our ideas for the setup of your sale are discussed and diagrammed at the time of booking.

Sale Day

Depending on the size of the sale, we provide 1-3 auctioneers and/or bid catchers. Please have 3 family members/friends to help out during the auction. While we can proceed without family help, this must be expressed ahead of time.


You will be paid by McSherry Auction Service Ltd. the sale's gross total minus deductions. Payment for auction can be approximately 75% on sale day. With prior understanding, it is possible for full payment on sale day. The balance will be mailed or delivered within 20-30 days.

Postponed Sale

In the event of a postponement*, the sale day will be moved to the next available date. This is not the same as a cancellation. There is no fee attached to a postponement when agreed to by the auctioneer. The sale will be carried out in the same manner as agreed upon on the new, designated sale date.

*Due to extreme weather or inoperable yard site